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Development workshop – prototype construction

Scope of work

Milling parts, models production (artificial wood – Uriol, aluminium models) including manual fitting of parts and finishing with single-layer to three-layer coating systems.

Manual modification and painting of plasticine models and prototype parts.
Upholstery, applying different coatings and design imitations.
Production of prototype cars according to customer specifications.
Reconstruction of production cars to customer specifications.
3D measurement XXY.


RIM (R8, K49)
RTM (R8800)
Autoclave (carbon)
Manual lamination
Measuring board with two DEA arms

Our clients include:

Tool shop

Scope of work

Construction and production of moulding, pressing, foaming, injection and prototype moulds (artificial wood, aluminium alloys, steel, brass, composites), including manual finishing of moulds and fitting on a hydraulic horizontal press with heating plates, with a closing force of 150 t.


CNC 4 axes – Correa
CNC 3 axes – ZPS Tajmac
CNC 5 axes – ZPS Tajmac MCV 2318
CNC 5 axes – Hemle B300
CNC 5 axes (for car models 1:1) – SAHOS
Olbrich spotting press – 150 t
Conventional machine tools – lathe, surface grinding machine
Welding in a protective atmosphere, including micro-welding
Stiefelmeyer 3D measuring table


Catia V5
AutoCAD Inventor
CAM WorkNC (programming of five axis centres)
Metrologist (3D measurement)


In order to provide our customers with complex solutions, the BENET ENGINEERING design and engineering centre was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of BENET AUTOMOTIVE. The company now has its own capacity for the required CAD design. We use the Catia V5 3D system or the Siemens NX for designing.

The team provides the following specialist CAD services:

design – by our own staff or in cooperation with other companies where increased capacity is required
surfacing – in cooperation with other companies
conceptual designs – by our own staff
preparation of prototype CAD data
CAD development work for each stage of development
escort into production (SOP)
2D drawings and documentation


Workstation Intel Station
Mobile workstation – HP, Dell

Server – QNAP
3D print FDM technologie

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Design studio

Portfolio of activities:

Conceptual analysis
3D rendering
Automotive design
Product design
Graphic design

At the beginning, there is a thought

It is immediately followed by a persistent desire to pick up a pencil and draw the first sketch. This gives rise to all projects that when completed become a specific detail, accessory or a whole car. The vision of our Concept Design Studio is simple – we try to help make the environment that surrounds us a better and more diverse place.

Our clients include: