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Company development

Company history

The company’s history dates back to 1993, when Benet s.r.o. was founded and began to sell spare parts. Since 2004, this company has specialised exclusively in wholesale supplies of aluminium discs and related accessories. Benet (now a division of BENET AUTOMOTIVE) is a leading supplier of aluminium discs on the aftermarket in the Czech Republic.

In 2002, AUTOTEST CZ was established together with an Italian partner and started to produce and assemble plastic parts for Škoda Auto a.s. From 2005 to 2007, new production and warehouse premises and a new paint shop were built in Mladá Boleslav.

In 2008 the company changed its name to BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. and, at the same time, underwent a change in ownership – since then the company has had only one owner with 100% Czech capital. One year later, a new manufacturing and warehouse facility was built on an area of 10,000 square meters.


In September 2017 there was a transfer of 100% of the company BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. to the company JET ALFA, a.s. which is a part of the portofolio of investment company JET Investment. JET Investment is an investment industry group with 20-years tradition. BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. with the entry of JET Investment expands the group activities in sector automotive of the production of plastic and carbon parts and get a finantially strong partner who  ensures the continuation of growth and development of the company.

BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. is a dynamically developing company with many years of experience in supplying the automotive industry. Currently, we use injection moulding PUR RIP (Rapid Injection Moulding) technology, slow and fast injection of PUR and injection of thermoplastics (PP, ABS, PA, etc.). We provide painting of parts in both automatic and manual applications in a single layer and three-layer concept. For car manufacturers, we also mount final painted components directly on the body of the complete car. We also specialise in the manufacturing of composite (carbonated, laminated) components using PREPREG, pressing or infusion technology. Both the construction and design of our components are performed using our own capacities in CATIA or NX format.

In line with the company’s strategy of providing our clients with the most comprehensive services possible, in 2012-2013 we implemented two principal investments that significantly expanded and strengthened the BENET Automotive service portfolio. These involved the building of our design and construction centre (5,000 m2) and a new assembly hall (3,100 m2).

The construction of the development centre concentrates all of our design, construction and prototype capacities “under one roof” and offers clients confidential services in a very comfortable environment, in a top automotive area and in line with the ISO27001 standard. The new assembly hall significantly increases our capacity up to 15,000 units per year for various demanding styling packages, and has raised all standards to the levels of final assembly for automotive manufacturers.

Opening of new branch Benet Deutschland GmbH in Ingolstadt. Next to factory AUDI AG Ingolstadt, we realize assembly for the exterior and interior car packet. We provide design and engineering support for our German customers.


The primary vision of the company is a strong and stable partnership with car manufacturers, as well as further development of the position of complex solution vendors in the area of medium series production and car development, and in projects for the individualisation of progressive materials and technologies. However, we’re also focused on the further application of standards obtained in other vehicle areas, motor sports, production of sports equipment, design and other progressive areas.

In relation to this objective, BENET Automotive is planning to invest in its painting capacities, injection of plastics up to a closing force of 2,000 t and the further development of composite carbon components for structural parts.

Milestones of BENET GROUP

2000 • Foundation of the company BENET TUNING s.r.o. (100% czech funds)
2002 • Italian partner entered the company (60% italian funds and 40% czech funds)
2002 • Launching of the projects for serial assembly and accessories for SKODA Auto a.s.
2005 • Development of new production hall and warehouse in Mlada Boleslav
2007 • Development of new varnishing boxes for plastic parts (varnishing by hand) in Mlada Boleslav
2008 • Change in ownership (100% czech funds) and change of company name to BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o.
2009 • Launching of new production facilities in Milovice (production, varnishing and assembly)
2011 • Launching of prototype workshop and production of carbon parts by PREPREG technology in Mlada Boleslav

2012 • Building of automated varnishing workshop AFOTEK in BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. in Milovice
2012 • Opening of new assembly hall for the assembly of cars in Mlada Boleslav
2013 • Opening of Design and Development Centre in Mlada Boleslav
2017 • Opening of new hall C in Milovice ( part assembly and logistics )
2017 • Opening of new branch Benet Deutschland GmbH in Ingolstadt ( assembly of cars – AUDI )
2017 • Takeover  of the company BENET AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. by company JET Investment

2019 • Construction of new hall D in Milovice

Company in numbers

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Quality Policy

Quality is the basic precondition for success.

Quality determines the satisfaction of everybody connected with our business – clients, managers and ordinary employees. BENET AUTOMOTIVE strives to deliver products and services that, due to their competitive quality, can ensure the success and profitability of the company.

General information

Mladá Boleslav – Čejetice operating unit

(top management of the company, production of composites, prototype workshop, BENET ENGINEERING)

Mladá Boleslav – Čejetičky operating unit

(car assembly)
(montáž vozů)

operating unit

(production of plastic components, paint shop)

Ingolstadt operating unit

(car assembly)
(car assembly – Audi)

Since 2011, BENET AUTOMOTIVE has used the SAP Business One information system.